HPE 1.92TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC 2.5″ SSD P21141-B21 P22636-001

HPE 1.92TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC 2.5″ SSD P21141-B21 P22636-001 P21124-002 MO001920JXBFT

HPE 1.92TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC 2.5″ SSD P21141-B21 P22636-001

The paragraph introduces the HPE 1.92TB SAS P21141-B21 P21124-002. We designate the first number as the part number used by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for this product. Also, HPE utilizes the second number for this Solid State Drive (SSD), assigning both a part number and an SSD for each hard drive (HDD) or SSD model launched with any tray. Basically, for each new HDD or SSD, HPE employs a part number and a model number. Equally, the drive is compatible with different types of trays for each type of ProLiant Server manufactured, including Small Form Factor (SFF) or Large Form Factor (LFF), each with its part number.

Each drive also possesses a manufacturer part number and model number, resulting in a total of six numbers for identification. Through newsletters of each manufacturer or directly at the HPE Part Surfer website you could verify all part numbers when HPE launches new part numbers with these partners and uses newer or older drives. Among the manufacturers of SSDs or HDDs partnered with HPE, enterprises like Intel, Samsung, Micron, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kioxia, and others are noted.? We have reorganized each part number and spare part on our website for your convenience, presenting detailed information about each manufacturer. Additionally, we offer functional equivalents or exact part purchases for your equipment. You can purchase each drive directly on Amazon for your safety.

The spare number for this drive, P22636-001, is always found on the front of your original drive using a tray. However, other drives may have the numbers engraved on the original HPE labels or holograms. Drives are available in different formats, including Small Form Factor (SFF), Large Form Factor (LFF), Enterprise and data center standard Form Factor: (EDSFF) E3.S, M.2, and PCIe/NVME Add-In-Cards (AIC). Finally, based on industry-leading NAND Flash technology, these drives surpass traditional rotating HDDs in latency and energy efficiency, offering better endurance and performance while seamlessly integrating into existing HPE servers and storage infrastructures.


HPE 1.92TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC 2.5″ SSD P21141-B21 P22636-001 P21124-002 MO001920JXBFT


  • INTERFACE TYPE: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
  • FORM FACTOR TYPE: Small Form Factor (SFF)
  • SSD PART NUMBER: P21124-002 MO001920JXBFT
  • GPN#: P21154-002
  • OTHER #:
  • TRAY: Smart Carrier (SC)
  • SFF SC TRAY #: 651687-001

HPE 1.92TB SSD Manufacturer Info:

  • WESTERN DIGITAL Ultrastar DC SS540
  • Part #: 0B42715
  • Model: WUSTVA119BSS200

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